its bed timeee

drink-the-toilet-water-pickles andy if u see this i love u so much youre my sweet baby!!

facebook mobile really wants me to like download the messenger app

its all like “it cost less than texting it uses ur data!!” and its like

ok almost every plan comes with free texting nowadays (i even have free international texting) but i pay for my data like???????????

facebook fuck u tho u dont understand the real world

Anonyme asked: we all want to be mad! what pissed u and ur partner off? we will share in ur anger.

ah it was just something that someone said to andy the other day but i wont divulge what it was because its kinda personal

but then tonight we were also getting angry about metalocalypse but we’re always mad about that lmao

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going to play skyrim but if u need me send me a message or i am on skype


me and andy blogging in the same room doesnt mean anything we still dont know what the other is doing

the concrete spheres outside of target float around at night and patrol the parameter

me and andy still keep talkin about the thing that pissed us both of a few days ago its still making us mad lmao

would you like another example of how the bad dragon labs voting is not real?

there’s currently another round of voting going on and people are voting on penetratables but the anthro avian aka the one everyone wants is not there so


twitter stuff and ywpd 69 min

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