hello anxiety


"Huh? Why is Makishima-Senpai wearing a Hakogaku jersey?"

"Onoda.. Some things are better left unexplained…"

its not like everyone already knew


Toudou is in his own personal hell

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"here please take this pamphlet on why everyone in metalocalypse is trans"

ive been asked so many questions today im the fandoms information booth or somehting

Anonyme asked: In your opinion, is it okay to like a show that is problematic as long as you can identify why it is bad? Can you do the same with characters? People? Etc.

liking anything that’s considered problematic is okay to like as long as one acknowledges why it’s bad i think. if you like something that’s problematic i think it’s important to never ignore why it’s problematic. educating people about the problems too is a plus but isn’t anyone’s job. i wouldn’t expect most people to do this but it’s something i dont necessarily mind doing to a degree.

so yeah liking a show or character that’s problematic is ok i think. with people though i think one needs to know when to stop liking them. like for example if someone is like really persistently homophobic or something like that and makes no effort to right their wrongs why do u wanna like someone like that anyway right

idk again words are hard im tired people can add to this if they want

the second one 4 sure

agree 100%

the others are just for when he wants to dress down lmao

acceptable collars for nathans x


If you’re afab you cannot be a trans woman (or transfeminine)

You can be trans and a woman (see: demigirl, polygender, ecc) but if you’re afab you cannot be a trans woman


nice collar


nice collar